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Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice

Date: Fri, 24th Oct 2014
Posted by: Thomas | Tagged: thomas' blog, business plans, business performance, mentoring service, financial advisor, management accounts, strategic planning

Bounce is a book published in 2011 that, in a nutshell, about what makes the most successful sports stars so successful.

Matthew Syed has competed at the Olympic Games twice, and won the Men's Single Championship at the Commonwealth Games three times at Table Tennis. In Bounce, he sets a scene during his childhood, where a small group of children his age all managed to climb to an elite level, and they all came from the same area.


Do you want to raise some finance? Why make it harder for yourself?

Date: Thu, 5th Dec 2013
Posted by: Jan | Tagged: jan's blog, raise finance, business plans, business forecasts, cashflow forecasts

The ABC step guide to raising finance

Are you wanting to raise finance?


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